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Local Optimization is the process of assigning a physical location to your web pages in order to be found on search engines by users who may be in or looking for something in that geographical area.


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Local Customers

Attract more local customers

Local optimization is especially important for smaller, local businesses who rely on generating additional foot traffic in their immediate geographical area. Once your page itself it locally optimized, you can then use a variety of sites, services and tools to get your page and location listed on location specific directories and search engines.

Highly targeted traffic

Being locally optimized online is generally free and one of the best ways to obtain highly target visitors to both your digital and physical location. Typically, your physical location information will end up being shown to users who are already in your immediate geaographical area and who have already shown the intent to find a place to physically come and visit for their needs.

Targeted Local Traffic

Are you overwhelmed with learning any of these tools, or just having troubles sifting through and making sense out of all of the data and feedback they provide?

Let one of our Local Optimization Specialists help you out!

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