Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning is the process of planning, drafting, scheduling and publishing your content to a variety of social media networks and platforms.


Social Media Planning
Social Media System

Building a system

Social media planning and execution can be a very daughnting and time consuming task. Building an efficient system and having the right tools to assist you along the way, will instantly make your life much easier.

Be selective

It can seem like there is a new social media platform popping up almost daily! Before you jump onboard with any social media platform, new or old, you should first ask yourself a couple of questions: Does your target audience using that particular platform? Do you have the time to invest in the management of this additional platform? These are some very basic, but very important factors to being able to operate a successful social media strategy.

Social Media System
Social Media System

Timing is everything

Attention spans are short and competition is high. When you plan your social media posting schedule you will need to take several things into consideration in order to optimize your posts for your target audience as well as your target social media platform. Every audience and every platform varies slightly, so do your research and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

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Are you overwhelmed with learning any of these tools, or just having troubles sifting through and making sense out of all of the data and feedback they provide?

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