Technical Optimization

Technical Optimization is the process of making your web pages perform at the highest levels from an artificial, robotic, or algorithmic point of view in order to meet the criteria necessary for search engines to index and rank your page.


Technical Optimization
Technical Optimization

Performance is crucial

While search engines are getting smarter and smarter every day, they are still just machines, robots, or algorithms designed to take a first glance at your website and make a determination as to whether or not they want to share your website and it’s content with their user base of searchers looking for content. So before any person even lays eyes on your website, it must perform at certain levels in relation to speed and how fast it loads, it must contain certain elements that these robots take direction from and gather information from aside from just the words or images on the page, such as meta and title tags at the most basic end of the criteria.

The right tools for the job

As Digital Marketers we have tools that can quickly analyze a page or even an entire website to give us an understanding of how well it is technically optimized and to point out areas of improvement that may be needed. There is no one single tool for everything and because search technology and algorithms are changing almost daily, these tools are also constantly needing to be updated by their developers in order to keep up with current search engine technical optimization standards. This is where we believe it is best practice to use multiple tools for any given analysis and develop your own performance and optimization baseline with the information received from them.

Technical Optimization Tools

Are you overwhelmed with learning any of these tools, or just having troubles sifting through and making sense out of all of the data and feedback they provide?

Let one of our Technical Optimization Specialists help you out!

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